National Partnerships

To commemorate 150 years, the RSPCA was delighted to join with a number of valuable partners.

Commemorative coins

We’ve joined forces with the Royal Australian Mint, which has produced a vibrant series of eight coins featuring much-loved animals. The set includes individual coins featuring a dog, cat, layer hen, dolphin, guinea pig, horse, lizard and an ‘RSPCA exclusive’ coin featuring farm animals. $1 from the sale of each collectable coin in card goes to the RSPCA. They’re limited edition, so make sure you order your set today from the Royal Australian Mint or from authorised Mint dealers.*

* Farm animals coin only available from the Mint or from some RSPCAs

Royal Australian Mint

-= 150th Anniversary of the RSPCA =- These colourful coins pay tribute to the work of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, which celebrates its 150th anniversary in Australia this year. The set includes individual coins featuring a dog, cat, layer hen, dolphin, guinea pig, horse, lizard and a coin-set exclusive, limited edition wombat. Vibrant and fun, this set will certainly stand out in any coin collection. Also available is a special RSPCA exclusive coin which features a lamb, a piglet and a goose. Adopt your coin today! $1 from the sale of each collectible coin in card will be given to the RSPCA Australia .

Posted by Royal Australian Mint on Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Commemorative stamps: 150 years of caring and protecting

Australia Post has partnered with us to release a special series of five postage stamps, highlighting the breadth of the RSPCA’s work over 150 years. The stamps represent five key areas of our work: research, shelter, protection, certification and advocacy. For more information, check the Australia Post Stamp Bulletin No. 373.


Party Animals cookbook: a partnership with The Australian Women’s Weekly

What better way to commemorate this amazing milestone than with a collection of animal-themed cakes and party food! From much-loved pets to farm animals and creatures you’ll find in the wild, this partnership with The Australian Women’s Weekly boasts delicious food but also plenty of information about how the RSPCA has cared for Australian animals for 150 years.

Interested in partnering with us to help commemorate the RSPCA's long, proud history in Australia? Get in touch!